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At first glance, the visual appeal of a site will draw punters into an online casino site. However, one of the biggest deciding factors, when Indian players assess a new online casino, is the bonuses on offer. Bonuses are the cherry on top of the iced cake in most cases with casinos offering a huge collection of games and entertainment, secure transaction methods and international licencing.  So what lies behind these deposit offers and what makes them such coveted bonuses? We will be looking at some of the different types of deposit bonuses available to Indian players and why they are so popular.

What is an Online Casino Deposit Bonus? 💰

PlayOnline casino sites lure new players with the promise of a casino deposit bonus during sign-up and their initial deposits. Players have come to expect something in return for their business. This act is not unusual. Even the biggest and fastest-growing sites welcome new members with cash-back and a range of freebies to grow their member following.

New players to online casinos usually deposit a minimum of money and redeem a deposit bonus to increase their credit on the site and have an enjoyable gaming experience. These kinds of bonuses come with terms and conditions and players have to ensure that they familiarise themselves with these.

Different Types of Deposit Bonus 🎁

The most common deposit bonus is a welcome bonus for new members. This is the warm and fuzzy welcome to the online casino site. It allows punters to double (and sometimes triple) their initial deposit amount. But there is a range of different types of bonuses for players who deposit money. Let’s take a look at some of them.

The Big Welcome Bonus

Almost every online casino targeting Indian players will offer some kind of welcome package to new members in the form of a match bonus and some free spins on their slots or free bets on their sportsbooks.

The welcome bonus can be very beneficial to new players who would like to increase, or double, their casino credit at the onset. Some brands of online casinos offer lucrative welcome bonuses of up to 200% deposit matches.

Returning newbies

Online casinos deploy their second and third deposit strategies to keep new players coming back and depositing more money. This type of bonus is offered as part of the welcome package or as a stand-alone option.

Claiming returning deposit bonuses are simple and only require players to make second, third or even fourth deposit to be guaranteed a percentage of the deposit as a match bonus. Casinos can offer a 100% cash-match for returning punters in any combination of cash-match bonuses, for example, 25% on the second deposit, 50% on third deposits and 25% on fourth deposits made. Further incentives can be added to the returning player deposits such as free spins, bonus rounds and lucky draw entries.

Reload, baby!

Online casino platforms want to maintain their loyal customer base and need to keep players coming back for more fun and spins. Online casinos offer weekly, daily or occasional reload bonuses for members to deposit money in exchange for a cash match or a percentage of returns on their deposits made.

Traditionally these cash-match offers are not as generous as the welcome packages and could see players only receiving a 50% cash-match bonus up to a maximum threshold. The reload bonuses have strict requirements and can be less tempting than the initial deposit offers.

Big money players

Online gamblers who like to live large and play high stakes with big deposits are rewarded for their loyalty. The small number of high roller players look forward to special bonuses and offers of cash match amounts on their deposits and other exclusive offers to keep them playing. These matches could be 100% of the large deposit or increments of percentages based on the amount deposited.

All of the bonus offerings come with extensive terms and conditions so remember to read through them thoroughly before claiming.

FAQ 🙋🏽‍♀️

Frequently Asked Questions about a Deposit Bonus

💰 What is the best welcome deposit bonus for Indian players?

A good welcome package will consist of cash-back, low wagering requirements, the inclusion of lots of different games and secure transactions on a trusted online casino website.

🎰 Do free spins apply as a welcome bonus for Indian players?

The inclusion of free spins and other game incentives are the prerogative of the online casino. Although free spins and jackpot payouts are commonly added to welcome packages to entice Indian players.

🎁 Will Indian players receive regular deposit bonus offers?

The frequency of bonus offers is at the judgement of the online casino site, but Indian players will have access to the bonus offer available on the website.

💵 How do I wager a bonus?

Each online casino platform has its specific terms and conditions for the wagering of bonuses and how to claim rewards. It is advised to follow the guidelines for bonuses and play games that are supported in the wagering requirements.

❓ What is a wagering requirement for casino bonuses?

Online casino bonuses are subject to how many times the amount has to be turned on the casino floor or slots. Only once the required wager conditions are met then winnings and funds can be withdrawn from the account balance.

💶 Can Indian players only get bonuses with a bonus code?

No. Numerous online casino websites have moved away from the bonus code requirement and now offers bonuses and promotions online that players can claim at the mere press of a button. There will be a select few casinos that make use of codes to activate bonuses on their sites.

☠ Will casino bonuses expire?

There are instances where online casino websites place expiry dates on the bonuses to ensure players reach the minimum wager requirements and deposit the minimum threshold before a determined time. Always consult the terms and conditions of bonuses on offer.

🤷‍♀️ I don't understand the terms and conditions for the bonus, can someone help me?

Online casino customer support teams are on hand to explain the terms and conditions of bonuses and promotions to members of the website. Contact the support team via live chat, e-mail or telephone to assist

Conditions of Online Casino Deposit Bonus 🚩

Nothing comes for free. Not even the most generous of online casinos will give punters anything for nothing in exchange. Strict adherence to terms and conditions can prove beneficial to players, though in most cases, these wagering conditions and the fulfilment of requirements are just too much for new players to comply with.

There are only a few general conditions to look out for during bonus offers, namely the games associated with the bonus, wagering requirements and cash or credit. Let’s take a look at some of the conditions of online casino deposit bonuses.

Wagering Requirements of Online Casino Deposit Bonuses

Wagering requirements are the most technical aspects of cashing out bonuses. Online casinos will make you work for your free money.

A wagering requirement indicates how many times a player needs to wager the bonus amount before it becomes free to withdraw with other winnings. For example, a 50 INR bonus with a 20x wager requirement will mean that a player needs to make a total of 1,000 INR in wagers before requesting a withdrawal.

Wagering requirements are set up differently for different types of games. Where games such as slots might make up 50% of the total wagering requirements, table games like Teen Patti and Andar Bahar make up only 5% of the requirement. It is imperative to understand the game contributions and where the bonus will be most beneficial when playing games at online casinos.

To Keep Or Not To Keep, That Is The Question

Yes, bonuses are not always offered as free money, sometimes the bonus is a casino credit and they have no intention of paying out the real money together with your sum of winnings. Redeemable deposit bonuses form part of the online casino wallet and allow punters the opportunity to increase their winnings. But there are also unredeemable bonuses that are offered to players that cannot be cashed out.

Most Popular Games for Deposit Bonuses 🎡

As previously mentioned, strict playing conditions and wager requirements make bonuses very difficult to claim, but for most bonuses, the online casino wants to reward players for selecting them and showing them how to have a good time.

Table Games

Table games such as Roulette, Blackjack and Poker will offer bonus chips to punters to use when playing table games. Winnings from these chips can be redeemed as cash or used as a bonus for winnings. Strict requirements and limited variations of the games are on the line. Players have to ensure that they understand the conditions for play.


Free spins and promises of increased chances are without a doubt the drawing card for most novice players. Bonus offers could include free spins, increased jackpots, more frequent pay-outs and cash-match deposits.

Slot machines are a large target to online casino bonuses because it is so easy to apply and play that even new players and more experienced casino aficionados can have fun with a combination of symbols on a reel.

How to Find the Best Online Casino Deposit Bonus? 🕵🏽‍♀️

Finding the best online casino deposit bonus is like looking for a ruby in a haystack. It can become time-consuming and expensive when signing up at a variety of online casino websites to redeem the renowned deposit bonus.

Searching the internet can land players on a wealth of bonus codes and unadvertised online casino offers, but only use reputable sites and don’t redeem bonuses which is not suitable for your playing style.

You will find all the unbiased and essential information you need about online casino bonuses on Indian casino review websites, like this one. Alternatively, study your proposed online casino and look at the promotions and bonus pages to determine what kind of deposit bonuses is available.

Pros of Deposit Bonus 🔼

The benefits of deposit bonuses are subjective and do not apply to all online casinos out there in India. However, we’ve taken a look at a range of sites to bring you the most common pros and cons of cashing in on a deposit bonus:

Cons of Deposit Bonus 🔽

Alternative Online Casino Bonuses 💸

There is a myriad of bonuses up for grabs at online casino websites. We will now look at other online casino bonuses players will come across on many of the sites.

Sticky Wicket Bonuses

This is a bonus that online casinos offer players on top of their deposit bonuses. They can also be part of welcome packages. Players receive “free money” to play with. Once you meet the required wager or play-through requirements, you can withdraw your winnings. Once the withdrawal is made, the bonus amount is cancelled from the account and the player has zero credits in their online casino account.

Freebies galore

Not only will online casinos offer welcome packages with cash-match bonuses, but players can benefit from a selection of free spins, free bets or increased wager requirements. Bonuses are not always in cash and could pose profitable for slots, table and card games.

Personalised bonus

Casinos design exclusive and once-off bonuses with the player in mind. Casinos track player habits. So, exclusive deals could pop up enticing players toward specific games with a limited time offer. Always read the terms and conditions when considering accepting bonuses.

Bonuses are a fun incentive and might prove worthwhile on some online casino sites. Most of the time, only one bonus can be activated at a time and players have to play out those requirements first.

VIP programmes

Loyalty and VIP programmes aren’t just for the elite of online casino players anymore. Numerous online casino sites offer loyalty programmes. It’s a way of retaining their members and it gives them incentives to continue playing. Loyalty programmes can give players access to special casino games and a personal account manager.

There are two types of loyalty/VIP programmes in the online casino world:

Players are added to the loyalty programme upon sign-up. The more you play, the higher you climb to greater rewards.

Some VIP programmes are accessible by invitation only. Players have to deposit and bet huge amounts of money or play regularly to score that type of invitation.

Deposit Bonus VIP Program

Conclusion 👍

Before accepting any online casino bonus, players will have to review the offer. Pay special attention to the conditions of bonuses. Only sign up at reputable online casinos and accept the mainstream bonus offerings. These sites have the best chance of paying out and having reasonable wagering requirements.

Always ask questions about bonuses. Contact the customer support teams and read the fine print in the casino’s terms and conditions. And always remember to practise responsible gambling practices.

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