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Any avid gamer knows that responsible gambling can sometimes feel like it’s shoved down our throats around every casino corner, but there is a very good reason for that. As much as some would like to villainize the casino industry, responsible gambling is in the best interests of the casino as well as its players.

On this page, we discuss everything to do with being responsible and gambling responsibly. Make sure you read below before you sign up at an online casino.

What Constitutes Responsible Gambling and Why is it Important? 🔞

There is a myth doing the rounds that the casino industry thrives on any players who struggle to gamble responsibly. This is completely false since responsible gambling is in the best interest of all parties involved.

Not only are financially secure and happy players going to be playing more often and for longer, but the casino will have a much more long-term and sustainable following. Responsible gambling leads to a mutually beneficial continuing player/casino relationship.

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But what does it mean to gamble responsibly? 🤷‍♂️

There are a few things to look out for if you’d like to gamble responsibly.

Nobody is going to be happy in a scenario where you’ve lost the rent money because you thought it was such “a sure thing”. And you can’t eat casino chips. Gambling and online gaming are supposed to be recreational, so you should be using leisure money to play and not cash that’s necessary for you and your family’s survival.

It’s easy to lose track of time when having fun. But if you find that most of your free time (and not-so-free-time) is being consumed by online gaming, you should start asking yourself some serious questions.

As with all things in life, balance is key. Your leisure time should consist of many pleasures besides just adorning a Poker face, including fun things such as socialising with friends and family, playing sports, practising a hobby etc.

Getting yourself into debt is never a good thing. Even when getting a business loan, people are advised to ensure that the investment will pay off. This is definitely not the case with swiping a credit card to buy a cute outfit or getting a few extra spins on the slots.

And these things have a way of escalating fairly quickly. Even something silly like 10 Rupees a day translates into almost 310 Rupees a month, and soon you’ll be swiping credit cards to pay off other credit cards and borrowing money from your bestie to cover credit card bills. Play it safe, and avoid getting into debt when chasing that big win.

We’ve all been there: making silly mistakes and doing things we regret when we’ve had one too many. But making a fool of yourself singing Whitney Houston’s “I will always love you” on karaoke night isn’t nearly as bad as waking up to find that you’ve blown your entire salary on Craps in just one night. So gambling responsibly means not being under the influence of any substance when playing.

There’s very little in life that doesn’t demand some form of discipline. Even if you love running on that treadmill at the gym, there will be days that you will have to force yourself to go through those gym doors. The same discipline applies when gambling, especially when it’s online and super convenient.

If you know that you have a dinner appointment at 7pm, then you don’t cancel because you have a “really good hand”. You also don’t play 200 Rupees extra because you’re “on a lucky streak”. Playing with discipline means that you can play your favourite games all week rather than irresponsibly splurging in just one day.

FAQ 🙋🏽‍♀️

Frequently Asked Questions About Responsible Gambling

🔞What is responsible gambling?

To consider gambling as entertainment and not a source of income. To not feel an uncontrolled need to gamble.

🤔 is it a risk to not practice responsible gambling?

Everyone who is not looking out for the right signs.

📴 How can I get help with responsible gambling?

Set limits for your gambling sessions and stick to them. Make sure to never gamble with the money you need for essentials. Seek help and support on gambling awareness sites.

💭 How can I tell if someone is not practising responsible gambling?

Some signs are that they might continuously get behind on bills, often low on money, missing social and work occasions to spend time gambling.

🧾 What do I do if I don't practise responsible gambling?

You can turn to gamble awareness sites and/or self-exclude from gambling websites if you can’t control your gambling.

💰 Should I help someone financially if they have a problem with practicing responsible gambling?

Only momentarily and if they stop gambling and are getting their financial life in order.

💵Should I teach my kids about responsible gambling?

Yes. It can help them understand if anyone close to them is at risk.

💡 Can someone be addicted to not practising responsible gambling?

Yes. It can still be an addiction, even if it isn’t from a physical substance.

Signs that gambling might be becoming a problem 🚩

The slippery slope of gambling irresponsibly can happen so gradually that many avid gamers don’t even realise they’re heading into trouble before it’s too late. Most online casinos that take pride in their customer service will offer players a responsible gambling questionnaire.

Nothing needs to be officially filled out, it’s just a few simple questions that players can ask themselves in the comfort of their own home to test whether their gaming is still on the right track.

These questions include the following:

If a player answers yes to any of these, there is no reason to start panicking. The rule of thumb for these responsible gambling checklists is that a player should start getting concerned and take action when they answer “yes” to five or more of these questions.

How casinos help players with responsible gambling 🙏🏽

As we’ve mentioned previously, it is in the best interest of the casino to have happy and financially secure players. That’s why they actively promote and offer support when it comes to responsible gambling. There are various ways they support their players, which include the following:

Licensing and reputation

One of the first things we check when reviewing a casino is whether they are legally licensed and have a regulatory body keeping an eye on their operations. This is because an online casino without these can essentially do whatever they want without any repercussions, and good luck with trying any legal recourse.

This is also one of the easiest ways to spot an online casino site scam. If you can’t find any licensing and regulating information regarding the casino (and the casino has been operational for some time), then it should give you peace of mind that the online casino community is a very verbal one.

By simply Googling the casino name you should be able to view multiple professional reviews from people such as ourselves. You can also check your online gaming social media groups and forums to see what the word on the casino industry streets are.

A quick search into a casino’s online reputation should tell you all you need to know on whether you should risk playing on a platform with your hard-earned money. Gambling responsibly includes being aware of these dangers and steering clear of any online casinos with these kinds of red flags.


If a player fears that they are treading on dangerous online gambling territory, they can opt to self-exclude. Self-exclusion means that a player can literally ban themselves from gambling sites for a certain period of time.

A player can even choose to self-exclude from multiple online casino sites with the help of responsible gambling organisations we’ll discuss in detail later. To activate a self-exclusion period, a player can contact these organisations or reach out to the site’s customer support team.


If a player wants to keep on playing but wants to place certain restrictions on themselves, they can go the limits route. There is a myriad of limits a player can set for themselves on an online casino. They can limit the number of deposits they can make, set wagering limits or set limits to losses. Once again, a player only needs to reach out to the site’s customer support team to make this happen.

Close/Pause and account

In extreme cases where a player feels like self-exclusion or limits will not be enough to stop a bad habit from forming, they can pause their account or even close it completely. If this is what a player chooses to do, they simply need to contact the customer support team for assistance.

Responsible Gambling Organisations 🏬

Online casinos themselves can offer players support in the form of responsible gambling questionnaires, links to resources for additional information, technical aid in terms of self-exclusion, limits etc.

But when it comes to actually supporting those with a real problem, they have to pass the baton on to the experts. This is why most reputable casinos partner with various responsible gambling organisations. Some of these prolific organisations include:

GambleAware is an independent organisation that has made a commitment to preventing and treating gambling addictions. They work alongside many Gambling Commissions to create integrated strategies to alleviate any possible harm that can come from irresponsible or unregulated gambling.

GamCare is an independent organisation set on educating people about responsible gambling. It also offers support and advice to anyone who might suspect that they have a gambling problem.

Players can reach out to GamCare via multiple communication channels such as their helpline that players can call as well as their live chat and online forums. GamCare can also arrange in-person treatment through their large network of professional service providers who promises confidentiality.

GamTalk’s mission is to inform people about the dangers of gambling. The organisation also offers online peer support. This online community shares their experiences with each other and also works together to find solutions for those who might have strayed off the responsible gambling path a bit.

Gamble Therapy is an organisation with global operations that aids not only players but also their nearest and dearests affected by unhealthy gambling habits. They offer practical advice and support to anyone dealing with a gambling problem in a wide variety of ways such as live chat, group chats, forums and much, much more.

These are only a few of the independent third parties and organisations offering help and support in regards to responsible gambling at absolutely no cost, so a tight budget is no excuse not to tend to a harmful gambling problem.

Gambling responsibly is a responsibility that lies at the feet of every online casino and its players. And as long as players can walk the line between having fun and having a problem and online casinos keep motivating and supporting players to play responsibly, both parties can look forward to many more years of entertainment and potential big jackpot wins.

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