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The modern world continues to throw convenient payment options our way. Online casinos are kind enough to offer us a variety of these payment methods to make it easier for us online gamers to enjoy our gambling hobby. One of the most popular options for Indian players are Visa casinos

All the top casinos accept Visa deposits and withdrawals, but like any other payment method, it comes with it's pros and cons. Keep reading to learn about Visa online casinos.

The Best Visa Casinos to Play At 🥇

In this article, we look at one of the goliaths of the payment card industry: Visa. We’re not talking about travelling to a foreign country, no. We’re talking about the little plastic card in your wallet that opens a world of endless casino fun and possibilities.  Not only is Visa a trusted payment method across the world, it has become the preferred payment option of many an avid online gamer.

But why is that? And with all the overwhelming amount of Visa casinos out there, how do you pick the one to play at? Well, you’ll be happy to know that we’ve done all the hard work for you. Take a tour on some of the best Visa casinos the industry has to offer with our top list.

Number Casino Rating Bonus Freespins Info Review
1 star-full star-full star-full star-full star-half ComeOn Review ₹10,000 Bonus 10 Freespins Play Now
2 star-full star-full star-full star-full star-half Leovegas Review ₹80,000 Bonus 100 Freespins Play Now
3 star-full star-full star-full star-full star-empty Betway Review ₹60,000 Bonus 0 Freespins Play Now
4 star-full star-full star-full star-full star-empty Casumo Review ₹2000 Bonus 0 Freespins Play Now
5 star-full star-full star-full star-full star-empty PariMatch Review ₹8,000 Bonus 0 Freespins Play Now
6 star-full star-full star-full star-full star-empty Royal Panda Review ₹100,000 Bonus 10 Freespins Play Now

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Best Visa Casino Sites 🌟

The popularity of online Visa casinos means that there are hundreds of top-rated options to choose from. After plenty of consideration, here are three of our editors’ top picks for new and seasoned online gamblers in India.

A pristine example of a Visa casino! This is the casino to use if you want to use Visa for both your deposits and withdrawals. It will take roughly 3 days to withdraw using Visa, and here we see no fees (in or out), and Rupees are welcome!

One of the giants in the industry offers both deposits and withdrawals using Visa as a payment method. As usual, a deposit is instant, while a withdrawal is going to take a few days. Nothing to be worried about, though. Unfortunately, the design on the website can make it a bit cluttered for newbies, but it’s still worth giving a go if you want to play using Visa.

This handsome, green gentleman offers players Visa as a payment method for both deposit and withdrawal. Unfortunately, no provision has been made for Rupees, so there will most likely be some fees connected to transactions.


Frequently asked questions about Visa Casino

🤔 Is Visa a safe payment method at online casinos?

Yes. In general, Visa is a safe and secure payment method that can be managed from your bank.

💳 Where can I get a Visa card to use at online casinos?

You need to apply for a Visa card at a bank that supports it.

💰 Can I use my bank Visa card at visa casinos?

Yes. Your Visa card that is directly linked to your bank account can be used to deposit and withdraw at online casinos.

👌 Do Visa casinos support Rupees?

Yes. Rupees and most currencies in the world. You will find some casinos that don’t let you play in Rupees, but you can still use your Visa card to deposit at these casinos.

❓ Do I have to use Visa for deposits and withdrawals?

Casinos generally require you to use the same withdrawal method as you used when making a deposit. If the same withdrawal method isn’t available, a bank transfer is usually used.

🗺️ Can I play at Visa casinos if I live in India?

Yes, you can play at Visa casinos from India and almost all over the world.

🛒 Are there processing fees at Visa casinos?

Some casinos will charge a small processing fee. It is different at every casino. Some visa casinos do not charge any fees.

👏Is there a difference between MasterCard and Visa casinos?

Not really. You will be able to play the same types of games at casinos that support Visa and casinos that support Mastercard. Many online casinos accept both payment methods.

What is a Visa Casino? 🎰

A Visa credit or debit card needs no introduction (our online shopping bills can attest to that). Even as we speak you may be giving your pocket a little pat to make sure your wallet is still there.

Every true Visa casino has the option of both paying and withdrawing with the magic card. Some online casinos only let you deposit money with Visa but only pays out via bank transfer or PayPal. We’re not fans of those.

The name of the game today is therefore to present the casinos that don’t only offer Visa as an option but also have the most convenient payment structures around it. There is no point in using the magic plastic card if everything around it is a hassle.

We will (of course) also look at how great the casino sites are in general. Even if the payment process is as smooth as a water slide in summer, we don’t want to end up in the mud at the end.

A decent gaming library is a must, and the same goes for the ability to move around on the site without tearing the hair from our heads. Security is our priority no.1, though. We can’t talk about moving money around and not consider the safety regarding all of it.

How We Rank Visa Casinos ⏫ 

Alright, so, we have already established that a Visa casino in its most basic form is an online casino that offers Visa as a payment option for both withdrawal and deposits. But is that really all? If we’re going to set the bar for what a Visa Casino is, we might as well raise it enough to make the online casinos work for it a little bit.

Ideally, we want every payment, in and out, to be quick and easy. What a lot of online casinos do is that they make sure that any deposits made to their casino is instantaneous and goes without any issues. What we ask for is that the withdrawals follow the same beat.

To manage this, most casinos make sure that the card information used when making a deposit stays saved for future transactions. This often makes it easy to withdraw too.

The bar for a Visa casino should therefore follow that general sense of direction: if it comes in fast, it should also go out fast.

How to deposit at a Visa Casino? 💳

This is where all the convenience of Visa comes in. Deposits with Visa is as easy as instant ramen. You just punch in the numbers on your card in the correct box, add when the card expires, add the CVV number from the back of the card, choose how much you want to deposit, and then click the deposit button.

The best part about this is that we mostly only have to do this one time. Since most casinos save the information, we only have to tell them how much money we want to put in and press “deposit”. That’s it!

This is, of course, a security issue for many, but bear in mind that these casinos are under very strict financial laws due to their industry. To keep their license and reputation, they don’t want the slightest possibility of anyone stealing the information on their site. The transactions usually have either 128- or 256-bit encryption as a layer of defence, on top of the security provided by your bank.

Withdrawals at a Visa Casino 💰

Now here is the tricky part. Most casinos are happy to receive money. Just like any person or entity in the world, they’re not too keen on giving it away. This means that when we want to withdraw our hard-earned winnings, they often don’t mind taking their time.

Now, some of the things that take time are good things. When we make our withdrawals, they may ask us to prove our identity through a time-consuming process. It’s a nuisance, but for our own safety. I don’t know about you, but if I had a pile of cash in my gambling account, I would like for the casino to make sure that they pay it out to me and not someone who stole my account, computer, phone, tablet, you name it.

In general, withdrawals on casino sites are easy. Go to the banking page, click on withdrawal, choose withdrawal method (credit/debit card is an option), amount to withdraw, and then click “withdraw”.

Easy peasy jackpot squeezy. It will, however, take a day or five for the cash to fall into your bank account. The casino is still a company, which has certain internal processes in place to make sure everything is done correctly. Something we can appreciate.

Visa Casino Advantages ✅

To show their appreciation to players, most casinos will pay whatever fees come with making a deposit. Visa itself is an extra layer of security when depositing money online. Since they are a worldwide merchant, they need to make sure that it’s safe and easy to use all over the world. And from their reputation, it’s very clear that they have accomplished this.

Any payments made with a Visa card is instantaneous, making sure we are ready to play as soon as possible. Most Visa casinos also support Rupees, which is great for all of us who don’t want to deal with conversion fees and the fluctuating values of foreign currencies.

Visa Casino Disadvantages ⚠️

Each coin has two sides, and so does the magic plastic card…

One of the advantages of Visa is that it’s easy to use. One of the disadvantages is that it’s easy to use. When we can move money around quickly and digitally, it can be hard to keep track of the sums. This is one of the dangers of online shopping and gambling. Luckily, most casinos offer players the option of setting caps on their gambling, making sure they don’t fall into any unforeseen debts.

Withdrawals using Visa is not available at all casinos that use it as a deposit method. The most common practice at online casinos is that they offer a myriad of deposit methods but only a handful of withdrawal methods. We assume that it is logistically and legally easier to receive money than it is to send it.

Another disadvantage with any online gambling in India is that banks sometimes block the outgoing payments from player’s Visa cards. It’s an ongoing issue that is most likely the effect of the current legislation combined with security measures for fraud.

Gambling with Visa 🎲

It’s as easy as pie! As long as we have made the initial arrangements and saved our credit cards with the casino, we’re good to go. It’s easy to pop in new money once we hit a bad streak, but it’s also important to be wary of how much we spend.

When you’re in the mood to spin the slots or tell the dealer to hit you (with cards, nothing else), the last thing you want to do is sit and wait for your hard-earned money to become available in your casino account so you can have some fun. In real casinos, we buy chips. It’s quick, easy, and has no hassle. With these magic little pieces of plastic, the process is basically the same online.

There is a reason why Visa is most likely the worlds most used payment method.

Interesting facts about Visa 🔮

Visa Inc. was founded in California, USA in 1958 under the name BankAmericard. After a massive failure and rebuild, it was rebranded as Visa in 1976 and adopted the now well-known blue and white logo.

In 2020, roughly 188 billion transactions were made with Visa. That is the equivalent of every person on the planet (including babies) making at least 2-3 transactions every month for the entire year.

Our Visa Casinos Review Conclusion 👍

Overall, Visa casinos are great in terms of security and convenience. The only real inconvenience with playing with Visa is to apply for and get one in the first place. The procedure varies from bank to bank, but overall, it just takes time and effort, so just apply for it if you’re going to use it for other things too, not just gambling.

Alternative Payment Methods for Playing at Online Casinos 🔎

If for some strange reason you are unable to get your hands on a Visa card, there is a myriad of payment options out there, and most of them are packed with security to ensure that their users don’t get ripped off.


The second most used and most recognised payment method after Visa.


Services that are literally electronic wallets that also holds your passwords, payment information, and payment history.

Wire transfer

That method that most casinos prefer when it comes to paying out to their winning customers. It’s probably the most used method but also cumbersome for anyone who doesn’t have an internet banking option.


Some casinos even take cryptocurrencies these days. Just be sure to have one of the well-known ones. The lesser-known cryptocurrencies tend to not be welcomed, just like the lesser-known non-digital currencies.

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